Mission Statement.


Our mission is to provide a full suite of tax and management accounting services for small businesses and individuals. As a service company, we pledge to our customers that we offer exceptional value for all services rendered. In addition, we are committed to total honesty and integrity.

Keys to Success

Our priority is to build trust with our clients by maintaining up-to-date Tax certification and education on accounting practices and laws. We offer frequent follow-up service where we incorporate ethical practices when it comes to transparency, reporting, and taxes. Most of the times, our company goes beyond saving clients money to proposing how they can increase their revenues.


As part of our technology plan, Oficina Chavez maintains several key systems to provide innovation to our clients. We are using the latest Quickbooks, LACERTE and many other programs to fit your needs.


Through our service provider, we will secure and encrypt all of client files to protect your financial information.  In the coming year, we will have more fulfillment of services to faciliate your business needs.  One example of upcoming services, we will be offing on-site, off-site or via remote access (Virtual Bookkeeping). Virtual bookkeeping services are performed off-site using secure Internet software that allows us to access your company's financial information from our office computers. We can work weekly, monthly or quarterly.


We will devote sessions to inform our clients regarding the latest tax law. Our “Tax Advice” campaign is designed to develop and implement strategies, to include grassroots efforts and stay current.


 The following objectives are to:

  • Give latest tax information to our clients

  • Build customer retention;

  • Expand and offer Bookkeeping and Payroll Services using the latest software.


Competitive Edge

We will achieve a competitive edge among other Tax Offices including Bookkeeping and Payroll Services due to its combination of Enrolled Agent (EA) oversight. Clients will receive the advantage of having a EA review their books and propose additional advice when appropriate, while not paying much more than they would to hire their own part-time bookkeeper.

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